I have tried many pilates instructors in various cities and this was by far one of the top experiences I’ve had. Definitely plan on continuing my sessions. What sets Just Like OM apart is the total body approach that was incorporated throughout, and I left feeling not only as if I got a workout, but also felt more aligned than I have in sessions with other instructors. Complete understanding of anatomy and a willingness to work with you to achieve your goals—I recommend Just Like OM to anyone who wanted to get the most value out of their session, grow in their practice, and discover how great their body can truly feel.
— Diane T.

Melissa gave clear instructions during our session. I felt wonderful, balanced, and stronger. I highly recommend working with her.
— Joanne A.

I am 29 weeks pregnant and Melissa has been helping me work through some of those pregnancy pains with pilates sessions. She is also helping me strengthen myself in preparation for delivery. Melissa will be my Doula during delivery and so far has been very informative and professional. She has helped walk me through a birth plan that I feel confident with and am very happy she will be there to support me during my delivery!
— Stephanie P.

I drank the Pilates Koolaid and it is all becuse of the incredible experience I have with Melissa. She give me the greatest workouts. I am 4” taller and have a spring in my step. I rave about her to everyone. She is not your grandma’s Pilates. If you want to seat and feel pushed she is your only choice:) Joy
— Joy S.

I enjoyed working with Melissa very much. She is attentive while being personable and I got a great workout. I would definitely recommend her and I look forward to seeing again. Can’t wait!!
— Amanda K.

Melissa is the best!! Whether it’s for a kickass workout or a therapeutic/thoughtful realignment, this woman has the eye and can do it all!! In just one hour with her, I felt more in tune with my body, stronger, lighter, and longer all at the same time! She’s the perfect balance of patience and push!Honestly, I would book with Melissa 7 days a week if I could! Whether you’ve been practicing pilates for 40 years or have never tried Pilates, this is your girl!
— Kit M.