Comprehensive Pilates Certification

Our comprehensive certification is designed to help you not only learn this life changing exercise system, but to help establish yourself as a qualified, highly trained, and successful instructor.  There are a lot of certifications available, why choose ours?  We have top instructors who hold multiple certifications and advanced trainings, but so do many studios and we encourage you to research many studios.  Below are some things that we believe sets us apart.

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We are Training to Hire:

Our certification program is designed to train instructors that we want to hire.  We require extensive training due to the specific requirements of our studio and we want to invest in people who we want to work with long term.  Our 600HR Comprehensive cert requires 100 Apprentice hours, which are hours that you will work and be paid an apprentice rate, allowing you to gain experience and start working as soon as you pass your exams.  

Private and Group Class Training:

When creating this program we really thought about the trainings we had done and what we felt was lacking and one of the top things we discovered is that the training was designed for Private instruction or Group classes not both.  Too much of one type of information and not enough of something else.  We will make sure you are ready for both and feel confident in your ability in either situation.

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Career Building

Not everyone wants to teach as a career, which we think is bananas because this is the best job ever, however even if you only want to teach part-time you still need to know how to build your clients and brand.  Yes, you are your brand, it is very important.  We created this studio to help all of our instructors be successful together.  This is a community for everyone to thrive and you will work directly with the owner on how to build your brand and career depending on your goals.  We believe the number one thing lacking in any certification is that they teach you the exercise and then leave you to figure out the rest.

Continuing Education

As with any training that requires you to work with people, you need to constantly be learning and growing.  Which isn't cheap.  Our goal is to provide advanced training opportunities from industry leaders for our team that is affordable so that you aren't spending all of your earnings to keep up with your training.




Network and community is everything.  You are not only investing in your education and possibly a career change, you are investing in your life.   At Just Like OM we have an abundance mindset.  What does that mean?  It means that there is always enough for everyone.  We are a community first to help each other succeed.  You will receive 1 : 1 coaching with the Melissa to help you figure out what you want to achieve from your training and establish an action plan to get you there, accountability to make sure you are staying on track, and resources to help you learn and retain the information required to be successful.

Ready to Learn More?

Attend a free info session or contact us for information on how to apply. 

Partial work-study and payment plans available for qualifying applicants.