Level 1 / 2 :

Reforming Essentials

Our open level Reformer Essentials is perfect for those who are newer to Pilates equipments classes or those who want to revisit the foundations of Pilates.  You will leave class feel aligned and focused.  This class will prepare you to try some of our other classes with confidence and ease.

Free Flow Reformer

 Just Like OM reformer flow focuses on combining classical and contemporary Pilates exercises to music creating an energizing, "flow".  Each class and each instructor offer a variety of sequencing and style making so you'll never have the same class twice.    Designed to help you build up to intermediate Pilates exercises and prepare for our Power Flow Reformer and Advance + Reform classes.

Fly + Reform

Our Jumpboard class is the perfect way to add cardio to your Pilates routine.  Class will focus on using building heat and strength through a variety of choreography for a full body workout.  Each class incorporates some traditional Pilates reformer exercises to stretch and lengthen.  Some Pilates experience is required.

Restore + Release Reformer

Our restorative reformer class focuses on deep stretching and myofascial release while moving through gentle pilates exercises.  Incorporating foam rollers and props to help encourage proper alignment.

Reforming Athletes

An open level reformer class to help balance muscular imbalance and inflexibility that can be caused by running, cycling, sports, etc.  Find out how Pilates can help improve your balance, endurance, flexibility, core strength, proprioception and more.




Level 2 / 3

Power Flow Reformer

Building on our Free Flow Reformer continue to build your strength and flexibility by adding in advanced exercises and choreography with our signature music driven Pilates Flow.  Experience with Pilates Reformer is suggested, Instructor will provide beginner and intermediate modifications.

Advance + Reform

For clients who have done 20 or more intermediate level classes.  Our Advance + Reform will explore more complicated choreography and advanced Pilates repertoire.  Not for the faint of heart.