Melissa Green / Founder

Melissa is a 200HR-RYT Yoga Instructor and Thai Yoga Practitioner, Comprehensive Pilates Instructor with 800+ Hours of certification on all apparatus and specializes in injury recovery and prevention, pre and postnatal, special populations and myofascial release.  She is also a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach through NAFC, an IIN Certified Holistic Health Coach, and a Birth Doula.  She is currently finishing her training as a Postpartum Doula and Childbirth Educator.

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Rachael Tipping / Pilates Instructor

Rachael is a PMA certified Pilates instructor with 700+ hours of training and certification. She has dedicated her Pilates career to delving deep into the original method as Joseph Pilates taught it while maintaining that people often need alternatives to the traditional exercises as a way to build up to them. Rachael makes every Pilates class challenging, athletic and fun; she believes Pilates should be used as a strength training method that will teach everyone the full capabilities of their bodies if they stick to the original 3 Principles of Pilates - patience, persistence and to do exactly as you are told. 


Angeline Gonyea / Pilates instructor

Angeline Gonyea was named in "These are the Best Pilates Instructors in NYC" in 2017 on Classpass. She is currently taking prerequisites to apply to medical school. She motivationally interviews patients at the NYU School of Medicine as a health coach. The goal she is working on right now, is to incorporate more vegetables into her diet. She occasionally falls off the bandwagon with water and sleep, though she has improved overall. 


Shanna Tyler / Yoga instructor

Shanna Tyler is an RYT200 and teaches Vinyasa Flow yoga. Shanna believes in teaching yoga from a self-love standpoint and empowering all body types to practice on their mat. In her class, you'll flow and smile with a class that'll leave you empowered for the rest of your day.


Leanne Maciel / Yoga instructor

Leanne Maciel, a former beer industry executive, is a certified Health Coach, yoga & wine lover, food & beer fan.  She provides unique experiences to reframe the way people think about wellness, quashing the idea that health is about depriving ourselves of the things we love.  Her mission is to SIMPLIFY health, make it FUN and help men and women BREW their own Wellness Rules.  You can generally find her walking in the park, in the kitchen cooking with her husband, listening to jazz and blues, or binging on Law & Order


Stacy Leung / Yoga instructor

Stacy received her 200-hour teacher training from OM Yoga and is currently completing her 300-hour teacher training at Yogamaya. In her classes, Stacy tries to nurture a fun environment to encourage her students to ask questions and be playful. Doubling as a Registered Dietitian, she also believes that yoga can promote body positivity and self-love, something that can ultimately benefit one's relationship with food and health. You can learn more about Stacy at

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Jessica quaresma / Yoga instructor

After a ten year career working with animals, Jessica found an incredible sense of authenticity in her yoga practice when she moved to NYC in 2015.  As a second degree black belt in Shotokan karate, her focus is centered on foundation and alignment with emphasis on learning how to shift body weight for fluid transitions between poses.  Jessica’s extensive knowledge in science has taught her that every organism on this planet thrives off of diversity so she encourages you to welcome unexpected change and observe your own journey with un-opinionated fascination. In moments of stillness we do the work, and then deep in the chaos comes clarity. Jessica is Yoga Alliance certified RYT-200 through Sonic Yoga’s 200 hour program.


Erinn Blicher / Yoga instructor

Born and raised in Montreal, Erinn began practicing yoga in 2005 at Moksha Yoga Montreal (Modo Yoga in the U.S.) and did her teacher training through New York City's Y7 Studio. With these two disciplines as her backbone, Erinn brings a structured, yet fluid and playful style to her Vinyasa flow classes and loves to set her practices to all kinds of music from pop and hip hop to oldies and instrumental. With a strong belief that yoga is for everyone, Erinn strives to teach classes that are physically challenging, inspiring and accessible.

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Alessandra Calderin / Yoga instructor

Alessandra is a healing facilitator, teacher and writer based in Brooklyn, NY. A student since age 12, Alessandra took her first step into the teacher seat in 2016 and has been studying and working ever since. In addition to her 200HR at Yoga Shanti, she studied the pelvic floor with Leslie Howard as well as energetic sensitivity and the chakra system with Justin Ritchie with whom she is currently undergoing a 300HR mentorship. Beyond yoga, Alessandra reads and teaches tarot, utilizing the archetypal imagery as a powerful tool for healing and self-discovery. She leads moon circles and workshops focusing on sensuality, self love and empowerment. You can catch her on stage improvising, storytelling and hosting her sex positive variety show as well as spewing words of love and videos of dancing on Instagram @bone.seed.


Kasheena Roberts / Yoga instructor

Kasheena earned her 200 hour Yoga Teacher Certification in the Spring of 2017 from Circuit of Change Studio. She was at a crossroads between dissatisfaction at an unfulfilling job and where does she turn to find more fulfillment in this life. She wanted to take her TT in the winter but her all-consuming work schedule did not permit it. When the Universe finally whispered "If you're not going to let go I will help you along!" Shortly after the new year (January 2017) she was let go and free to pursue paths that ignited her soul. Teacher training awakened something inside her. Discovering the depth of yoga and the varying limbs beyond asana, she realized that this is what she was searching for her entire life. A tool to connect herself to her higher being. Delighted and devoted she knew she had an obligation to share this with her community. She strives to give students a challenging experience (mentally and physically) while fusing it with a playful quality so you leave her class feeling nourished and restored. She adores Just Like OM for creating a super positive and supportive space for all to get their daily dose of much needed wellness. 


 Karina Karpani / Yoga instructor

Karina has been practicing Yoga for a decade and has more than 200 hours of teacher training. She is certified as RYT 200 in Hatha and Yin Yoga. 
As a teacher, Karina considers herself a student first. She believes in long-­term commitments and deep study. Her career in architecture influences her practice. "Architecture has helped me to understand Yoga. Developing  an asana is like designing a building. You need a strong foundation and the right form to achieve the harmony of body, breath, and mind working together in balance, as in a successful building. This is an architecture of Yoga poses," she says. She has a strong interest in anatomy, body alignment and Ayurveda. 


Lindsey Meacham / Yoga instructor

Lindsey's love of movement was sparked through gymnastics training as a child. Once introduced to yoga, she discovered a practice similarly rooted in discipline but with lessons of mindfulness, compassion and authenticity. After years of exploring and discovering the depths of the yoga practice Lindsey completed her 200hr teacher training with Yandara Yoga Institute of Todos Santos, Mexico in 2008. Since that time, she has led group and private classes in studios, schools and hospitals introducing yoga to a wide variety of students and communities. Lindsey’s teaching is rooted in athletic vinyasa with emphasis on breath and fluidity. Her classes take an invitational approach – informed with alignment students are empowered to navigate their own practice. Lindsey has additional trainings in therapeutic, restorative and trauma-sensitive yoga. Each are periodically woven into the vinyasa sequencing.


James McKracken / Yoga instructor

As a teacher, I strive to give my students the tools needed to connect more fully to themselves and to those around them.

The beauty of this practice is that it continues to evolve and change everyday.  My passion for learning and strong desire to share this powerful work led me to complete my 500HR teacher training at YogaWorks.  In a typical class with me, you can expect a grounding flow, a heavy focus on alignment and a lot of freedom to explore.  There are no prerequisites to beginning a yoga practice.  If you have a body, you can practice yoga.


kristina Chew Di Sanza / Yoga instructor

Kristina Chew Di Sanza is yoga teacher certified in varied disciplines from Yin/Meditation to Therapeutics. She received her B.A in Psychology and applies many of the concepts she learned to cultivate holistic healing in her yoga teachings. In addition, she believes that servicing one's community is as crucial as one's personal practice. Kristina also has an obsession with plants and, when not teaching, can be found at the botanical gardens or volunteering at a local V.A.