Helping people heal themselves holistically through intelligent movement and conscious living. 





Our private yoga is tailored to the goals of our client.  Just as each client is unique so is each day.  Our goal is  to guide our clients to self awareness through breath and movement.  Sessions can be restorative, meditative, spiritual, intense, powerful, or any combination of these depending on your goals.



Pilates is the culmination of intelligent movement, breath, and mind-body connection.  No matter what your age, health, fitness, or injury level, our Private Pilates sessions can help you heal, regain mobility, increase core strength and flexibility, prepare for pregnancy and delivery, help restore your body post-delivery, and so much more.  We incorporate fascial release and alignment techniques to help clients see and feel results immediately.

Health Coaching

Photo by didecs/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by didecs/iStock / Getty Images

With our social media feeds overloaded with health and nutrition trends, fads, advice, and opinions from reliable and not so reliable sources, it is hard to know what is actually healthy and what is harmful without being completely over-whelmed.  Just like our Yoga and Pilates sessions, our health coaching is unique to you.  We combine our knowledge of the latest nutrition trends and simplify it to something manageable and effective.  Our concept is based on bio-individuality of our clients and helping them take control of their health by taking away the stress of dieting and developing a healthy relationship with food.


“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world.  Today I am wise, so I am changing myself ” - Rumi